Heraldic and Scribal Symposium

RFP 2017

MY Lords and Ladies Pray Attend!

After a successful and educational Kingdom Heraldic and Scribal Symposium in the lovely Barony of Seagirt – I a putting out THE CALL FOR PROPOSALS- for Kingdom Heraldic and Scribal Symposium 2017 for An Tir . The deadline for proposal submissions is June 30, 2016, 11:59 pm.

  1. The info that needs to be included is:
  2. Dates preferably between Feb and Mid May Before Crown
  3. Site-
    1. how many classrooms,
    2. local places to stay,
    3. local places to eat,
    4. parking
  4. Budget of Expenses
  5. Who the local event team would be and contacts
  6. And what you would like to see happening.

We typically have about 50 heraldic and scribal attendees-

There are lots of options- it can be a straight professional development, it can be a combined, heck it could be a camping event with the right site- it does not have to be just heraldic and scribal– but that does have to be the primary focus.

If you just want to feel out the idea and do some brainstorming- I am available to do that.

HL Kattera Giese